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The Haney Enery Saving Group: Device saves £175 on water & gas bills


A £200,000 project has got underway to install energy-saving devices in thousands of homes across North Lincolnshire to help tenants save on water and gas bills.


Landlords at North Lincolnshire Homes estimate the savings per property could be as much as £175 per year.


Work started this month on distributing shower heads and timers in homes where a Vokera Unica boiler has been installed.


Tenants will also be offered an energy efficiency guide, giving top tips on how to reduce utility bills as part of the affordable warmth project.


Project manager Tim Ball said: "We are committed to offering our tenants affordable warmth and to try to improve the energy efficiency of homes. This is helping to reduce the impact on both the environment and offering residents innovative money-saving devices where possible.


"Over the last six years we've installed high efficient A-rated appliances into 3,500 homes.


"It's these tenants who will benefit initially, but we have plans to increase this in the future though. When people require a new boiler fitting they will also be able to take advantage of these products.


"After research and a trial of the products over the past 18 months, we've seen real savings can be achieved which is why we've decided to invest £200,000 in this project."